What if you had the power to generate your own, clean energy?

Summer or winter, day and night.

Silently and safely.

And completely independently.

The power is yours.

How Model 2 works

Get and install your Élan generator

Élan works from pretty much anywhere in a regular house. It just needs a Wi-fi connection.

Top-up your account with Elan tokens

You can buy Elan tokens online, on your Elan mobile app or in brick & mortar stores around the world. The reload is instant and your Model 2 updates its balance in a matter of seconds, anywhere on the planet.

Track consumption and donate

Generate a KwH of energy with each Elan token and pay a low price of 0.05$ per kWh. Seamlessly and securely donate tokens with the Elan app, providing free electricity to those in need.

Enjoy energy independence

Break free from the shackles of your electricity company and get back your control with Elan. Simply scan the QR Code under Model 2 with your Elan app and join the movement to disrupt and transform our highly centralized energy market.