Our story

Out with

BeforeFor years, we gave in to the feudal lords of the energy sector.

the old,

TheFor years, we turned a blind eye towards the adverse implications of our electricity systems.


RevolutionBut it is time we rise up and speak against these existing, harmful practices of energy generation, distribution, and management.


StartsLet’s join hands and pave the way for a cleaner, greener and fairer future. Let’s give a chance to Elan, a promise of a better tomorrow.


In with revolutionary ideas.

Radiant Energy

Élan, in partnership with two Canadian universities are developing groundbreaking technology that will revolutionize how the world produces and consumes electricity.

    • What it is
    • Elan's Model 2 is a self-sufficient energy generator that powers itself from radiant energy. It pulls the energy from the air and transforms it in usable AC/DC electricity with a power output capable of supplying enough energy to sustain a house.

    • How it works
    • EM2 simply plugs in an electric panel and needs a grounding wire to be secure and fully operational. It requires internet connectivity to connect to its Elan network with the help of the Elan App. The blockchain technology behind EM2 makes it highly impenetrable while offering a Price Per kWh option for consumers.

    • Capacity
    • Elan can independently power an entire house by providing daily electricity of 38 to 40 kWh. It is an ideal solution for a lifetime supply of usable energy. It offers a competitive rate of 0.05$ per kWh and can even drop to an all-time low price of 0.02$, depending on its location.

Here’s to revolu­tionary ideas.

Ideas which, once turned into a reality, bring about a much-needed change in the world. Elan is one such idea that is being brought to light by those who dare to break the status quo and stand up for a better tomorrow.

Our earth has been suffering thanks to electricity-generating methods introduced by our forefathers.

We can no longer envision a safe future for either ourselves or our planet if we continue to rely on those methods. It is time we spawn a new era of energy production that slowly restores the purity of mother earth and provides a clean environment for its residents.

The average person,
singled out and alone, does not have any power over choosing the correct electricity option. Odds have been stacked in advance, all in the favor of the oligarchy.

Elan vows to challenge this centuries-old utility model embedded in the very core of our societies by big monopolies. Aspiring to introduce a fair system of energy production and consumption, Elan hopes to give back energy control to every single consumer.

We need to give people a way to generate enough electricity to power their homes, while maintaining their energy independence.

Our timeline

  • In January 2017, we made the aquaitance of one of Canada's most influential inventors. That inventor had something truly exceptional in mind.


    A deal was signed. That deal was about to change the world as we know it, it was about to revolutionize the way we consume and produce energy. A way that would truly make a difference in the way we handle our ressources. Elan was born.

    By August, research into business models, key demographics and application began. It was at that time that we decided to mvoe forward with blockchain technologies in order to achieve true decentralization of energy.

  • By 2018, our first prototype was born.

    Model 1

    With a power output of over 1 MegaWatt, we needed to make it a bit more approachable for the consumer market. We then went back to the drawing board with a mission of size and output optimization.

    By September, our research was clear and we then began to work on our Model 2, a technology that would work in regular houses without the need of a grid-generated power source.

  • The age of technological advancement.

    Integrating disruptive technologies in a disruptive technology.

    Integrating the power of blockchain to Elan's Model 2 was the next logical step. We built our very own net and created our very own crypto-economy in order to harness the power of Elan. Transparency built-in.

    With the transparency and efficiency of the blockchain, we were able to transform each and every Model 2 into a node that would act as a validating point for each and every transaction on our network.

  • Preparing for launch.

    Ground control to Major Tom

    Our latest prototype, the Model 2 is born. Capable of producing a steady output of 38kWh and small enough to fit in a house, we're entering our stress-test phase.

    Gearing up for what we think will change the world forever, we're launching our website and preparing the world for the massive wave of electrical freedom that is about to arrive.