Clean, silent, revolutio­nary.

Radiant Energy

Élan, in partnership with two Canadian universities are developing groundbreaking technologies that will revolutionize how the world produces and consumes electricity.

    • What it is
    • Elan's Model 2 is a self-sufficient energy generator that powers itself from radiant energy. It pulls the energy from the air and transforms it in usable AC/DC electricity with a power output capable of supplying enough energy to sustain a house.

    • How it works
    • EM2 simply plugs in an electric panel and needs a grounding wire to be secure and fully operational. It requires internet connectivity to connect to its Elan network with the help of the Elan App. The blockchain technology behind EM2 makes it highly impenetrable while offering a Price Per kWh option for consumers.

    • Capacity
    • Elan can independently power an entire house by providing daily electricity of 38 to 40 kWh. It is an ideal solution for a lifetime supply of usable energy. It offers a competitive rate of 0.05$ per kWh and can even drop to an all-time low price of 0.02$, depending on its location.

Be indepen­dent of






Create your own electricity with Elan and power your entire house without worrying about hefty electricity bills. The future of electricity is already here, and it is going to change the way you buy and consume electricity. Elan's smart and connected technology is making electricity cheaper and more accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.

This is Model 2.

A clean, silent and cutting-edge generator that fits in your garage. Model 2 is a revolutionary new way to generate and consume electricity at home.

  • Unique Élan Model 2 is the technological breakthrough that will change the world forever.
  • Safe The technologies Élan uses in its Model 2 are all ultra-safe.
  • Open Élan's network is based on transparency, openness and access to data.
  • Reliable With virtually no moving parts, maintenance on a Model 2 is done every 10 years.

Frequently asked questions

    • When will Elan hit the market?

    • Elan is expected to be released in more than 20 countries by the year 2025. Since our main focus is security, some countries might take more time to approve our technologies while others might approve Elan much faster.

      We encourage you to sign up to our newsletter today in order to be updated as soon as we start production and distribution in your area.

    • How much will it cost?

    • Elan Model 2 will cost between $2,000 and $5,000. Electricity generated from EM2 will only cost 0.05$ per kWh in first-world countries and 0.02$ in third-world countries.

      While the prices above are subject to change, we aim to make Elan's technologies affordable and adoptable no matter your wallet. We plan on offering different payment methods and financing options with a low interest rate.

    • Is it safe?

    • Safety is of primordial importance to us, that's why Elan Model 2 is designed to be secure from the get-go. Our hardware utilizes pressure-sensitive sensors and various built-in safeguards to prevent unauthorized access and any unfortunate event like fires, shocks, explosions or safety faults.

      Its advanced blockchain technology ensures the ultimate safety of every single transaction and its data. Blockchain's integration with energy provides complete transparency and accuracy compared to the conventional means of electricity.

    • Why is it better than other forms of energy production?

    • For starters, it allows consumers to produce their own electricity without having to rely on any electric companies. Electricity produced by Elan is not governed by the prices of fossil fuel and coal as Elan offers one fixed, low rate of electricity.

      It provides clean energy that aims to heal our environment rather than pollute it. Moreover, its smart AI and blockchain technology enable people to provide electricity free of cost to those in need. Elan is on its way to decentralize the world's energy sector, ensuring a fair policy of electricity generation and consumption.

    • Can I join the waitlist?

    • Yes, absolutely! We encourage you to sign up to become part of our history (...and mankind's history) today. Not only will you receive updates on our progress, you'll also receive a special behind-the-scene access to our production process, trimestrial video updates and much much more.

      Starting Q1 2021, we'll even let our waitlist members pre-order their very own Elan Model 2.